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We have put together a FAQ page to help answer questions you may have as a trustee. Please contact us if you have any further questions not answered below.

General Info

What is the Digital Marae Wānanga?

The Digital Marae Wānanga course is designed to help Marae Trustees (Kaitiaki) acquire the knowledge and confidence to operate internet and the Audio/Video bundled equipment supplied by Spark and use digital technology to help their marae thrive.

Why is the course being run?

This course is being provided to ensure Trustees can confidently operate their digital technology so they can connect with whānau, hapu, iwi, and other stakeholders from their marae. This will provide technology learning opportunities to ensure Trustees are able to use digital technology to operate their marae effectively.

What is the format of the training?

The training is made up of 8 workshops at a 3-day noho at designated marae and will likely be held on a Friday to Sunday starting and finishing mid-day.

Where are the digital marae wānanga being held?

Each noho will be held at a designated marae to cover a rohe where equipment supplied by Spark has already been installed.

What shall I do once I finish the training?

Marae Trustees who attend are encouraged to train their other trustees. There will be an online version of the course that Trustees can access post course once this resource is fully developed.

How do we get the digital connectivity package installed at our marae?

Please contact Te Puni Kokiri at about getting connected. There is more information about this programme on Te Puna Kokiri website: Please note that Applications close on 30 June 2021.

Will the training be avaliable to attend via Zoom or livestreamed online?

The training wānanga is designed to be hands-on and delivered kanohi ki te kanohi. At this point of the training rollout, the sessions will not available on Zoom or live streamed for trustees. Please register to attend in person for an upcokming wānanga near youor marae.

Wānanga Attendance

Who can attend?

This course is designed for Marae Trustees (Kaitiaki) so they can operate the digital equipment supplied and installed at their marae.

Can rangatahi attend the wānanga/training?

The digital marae training is provided for marae trustees, first and foremost. It is expected that trustees will be responsible for the devices and their management at each marae so this training is critical to the success of the connectivity package.

We understand that rangatahi are an important part of the future of marae including the uptake of the new digital devices and connectivity opportunities presented by the packages that have been installed.

For the wānanga, we could allow for a couple of rangatahi to attend, if there is spare capacity. After registrations officially close, we will advise if any there is any additional spaces available for rangatahi. Please note that all wānanga attendees would need to be over the age of 18.

  • Please email to register your interest in Rangatahi from your marae attending a training wānanga.

I haven’t been invited, how do I attend the Marae Digital Wānanga?

The Digital Marae Wānanga training is only available to trustees who have been invited to attend because their marae has received the digital connectivity package. Each marae should have nominated a trustee representative to attend the training on their behalf.

Our connectivity package is not installed yet, can trustees still attend the training?

Yes, marae trustees that have had their package approved, but not installed yet, are still able to attend the training in advance of the package being installed at you marae.

What is the cost? Do I have to pay to attend training?

No, the training is free for trustees. The NZ Government has funded this training programme through the Provincial Growth Fund.

How do I register?

A registration email invitation will be sent to the nominated trustee contacts supplied to TWOA by MBIE.

Who to contact?

Who do I contact about training?

Please contact the Te Wānanga o Aotearoa education team for all training related enquiries in the first instance:

Who do I contact about Marae Connectivity?

Te Puna Kokiri for the Marae Connectivity: Please contact Te Puna Kokiri at for more information about this programme.

Who do I contact about hardware related issues?

Spark: Please contact Spark for hardware related enquiries and technical support. Spark may also be your internet service provider, so please contact them for account related enquires.

Who do I contact for technical support?

Spark for Equipment: The equipment has been supplied by Spark so please contact them in the first instance for hardware related technical support requests.

Spark as your ISP: Spark may also be the Internet Service Provider, unless marae have signed up with another provider.

Other ISPs: For all internet related support requests, contact your contracted Internet Service Provider.

Who are the key stakeholders involved in this project?

NZ Government Agencies:
  • The NZ Government agencies involved with this project include Te Puna Kokiri and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.
  • Spark is the government’s accredited supplier of equipment and have provided the hardware for connection and audio/video purposes.
Other ISPs:
  • There maybe various internet service providers who are providing the internet service connection to maraes if Spark is not your provider.
Te Wānanga o Aotearoa:
  • Te Wānanga o Aotearoa is the lead organisation for education managing and organising this programme.
Arataki Systems:
  • Arataki Systems is the delivery team helping to provide education to Marae Trustees from January through to July 2020 programme.

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